Please be aware: your reading may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months to receive.


These readings take a lot of time & energy, and I run this business completely on my own. I do not always work in order when completing my readings - there are deeper purposes for this. Every Soul Contract is unique and presents its own challenges while interpreting. Because of this it is impossible to provide accurate time frames for when you will receive your completed reading.


Turn around time is dependent on the following factors:

1. My current order queue

2. How many repeating numbers your contract holds

3. Divine time

Sometimes my channel is blocked on certain aspects for specific people When this happens, it is usually due to external factors needing to happen in my client's life before they are ready to receive the information contained in their reading. This is rare, but does happen occasionally and usually clears within a few weeks. I will update you accordingly if this is the case with your contract.


I will not respond to TikTok comments requesting status updates.

These comments add unnecessary energies of pressure & expectation and not only affect the quality of my work, but my mental health as well. My TikTok platform is where I like to discuss and exchange ideas - not a place to handle my administrative work.

Desire to receive your contract before it is ready for you to receive only creates more energetic resistance.

Please consider & respect divine timing while waiting for your completed contract.


If you are ordering this reading as a gift and/or you need it back by a certain date,
you may request a deadline date on the order form & I will do my best to
have your reading back by your specified time.